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November 29, 2013
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Win a HP Tablet! -RESULTS-

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 29, 2013, 3:33 PM

The Journal we have all been waiting for! 

Thank you everyone for the patience you've shown me this last week after the deadline. This was such a hard decision for me to figure out! Everyone did such an amazing job, I had alot of trouble deciding who to pick. I called friends and family over to my house for help, and with the help of the amazing fencergirl00 we have a top 3 finally!

BUT FIRST! I just wanted to put in some love to everyone:


Battle at Twilight by Bliood-Kira Bliood-Kira  , TalanxShien:

I love how this piece can tell a story with no words included. The Demon Talan Vs the beautiful angel fighting in the open fields of twilight. It looks like a lot of thought went into this piece, from the dark to light gradient, to the type of houses in the background. An epic battle I would love to see how it played out.

Uni Contest Entry by mccartimusprime mccartimusprime, Unisama:

You drew Unisama very cutely! I love the little sassy pose that you drew her in and the background goes so well with the styles that I usually place her in. Great job!

Sailor Death by wabaka wabaka , Sailor Death:

A very unique approach to Death’s ability to use shadows! You tagged her shy personality in the image quite well and I can see her using shadows to get away from social gatherings and into a more quiet area.

Marinero Conquest by VirginiaPK VirginiaPK , Sailor Conquest:

What a surge of power! The look of power you displayed on here was absolutely stunning, I love how you didn’t just do the surge of lighting to her weapon, but all over her body (as any technical lightning should :nod: ) I also really like how you have her with an expression of power, but a lot of her personality shines through as well.

<da:thumb id="421291248"/>  w1nt3rbl1zzara, WarxDeath:

Such power! In their darkest moments, you have displayed a huge amount of ability that these two girls have! I love how you have both girls powers combining into one to make such an epic piece!


Unisamas' Bellatrix/Sailor War by a-neverendinga-neverending  , Sailor War:

From the moment I saw this, I could see the youtube video of it going through my head; and this “reel” is exactly how I would introduce war into a situation. I love what you did with the cigarette falling down and it becoming the inferno that is War. You caught her attitude quite nicely. My husband wanted to note in that he liked the spacing you did to force the reader to scroll down and thus making it like a stop action movie.

:.Feuer.und.Krieg:. by Hatter2theHare Hatter2theHare , Sailor War:

You did such an awesome job with War’s expression on her face and pose. It is exactly like the character and you made her look so fierce and beautiful at the same time!

[Contest] So Spricht Das Leben by WanderingKotka WanderingKotka , DeathXCauldron guardian:

-I have always been a huge sucker for stained glass art, so when I saw this, I instantly fell in love with it. The colors are striking, the shading is fantastic, the style is so classic yet still has the artist's own spin on it, and the figures look absolutely AMAZING. Sailor Death looks so strong here, and contrasts so well against Cosmos in the background. And the symmetry!!! Holy hell is that difficult, but Kabukikatze pulled it off seamlessly! I literally find some new detail every time I look at it, and continue to be blown away by just what an incredible piece of art it is. Extremely well done!! - fencergirl00

Wow. Just WOW! There is so much symbolism in this piece, between Sailor Death with her black wings vs the galaxy cauldron guardian of life; I am just in awe of this image and everything it represents! The song was such a nice touch and went very well with the story told in this image as well.

Sailor War's Eternal Inferno by panchan14panchan14 , Sailor War:

I am always such a sucker for traditional pieces, and this one is no exception! I absolutely LOVE how you did the flames surrounding her; and all the highlights of the flames really shine through on her and her clothing.

Kalli by VirginiaPK VirginiaPK , Kalli:

I cannot stop staring at that sweet butt of hers, she looks so realistic to how I imagine she’d like in real life!

Sailor Death by PurpleRedRose PurpleRedRose , Sailor Death:

I really like the dynamic pose you chose to draw her in, you did an amazing job of pulling it off! Death looks like she’s ready to kick some dynamic booty.

Sailor Death  by Elzas3 Elzas3 , Sailor Death:

Your coloring style is just breathtaking! You got so many little details in on hard places. I also really love how you set the tone in the image to go with Sailor Death’s shadow magic.

Sailor War by RandomMutiny RandomMutiny , Sailor War:

I am in love with your style of artwork! I think you really captured War’s flirty side in this image while showing the calm she keeps while holding her flame. The shadows and highlights are to die for, and the fact that it reminds me of nouveau style makes me happy.

Why don't you take a break from reading? by nickyflamingo nickyflamingo , KallixShizue:

HOT DAMN GURL! I’m gonna need a few minutes alone… This is the kind of picture I send to my husband and guy friends and say “LOOKIT WHAT I GOT!” I just love the look on poor Shizue as Kalli is taking the image away from her; you NAILED their personalities! Now I’m… just gonna…. Stare at it creepily for a few more minutes….

-It is no secret that I absolutely ADORE Nicky's art style, and this is yet another reminder as to why. As per usual, the posing is great, I always giggle at Kalli's... *ahem* cheeky expression, and just... AGH I can't even critique this properly without dissolving into a giggly mess! There's just so much I love about it! It's so playful and fun! - fencergirl00

waves and bubbles. by purenai purenai , Messier 105:

Woah. This image has just left me speechless, the coloring and all the details going into even the thickness of material on her corset/gloves is just so stunningly gorgeous! You made sure to take the time to nail every detail down from the dominate hand that holds the violin to the color of the sound waves, while still managing to perfect everything about it. I could stare at this image all day.

-This character has always been very intriguing for me, since I have a musical background, but Purenai just knocked her out of the park. The wonderful attention to detail in her clothing and her violin is absolutely captivating, and I love the play of the sound waves against Messier 105's clothes and how it blurs more the further away from the violin the details are. I also really like the fact that the background is so muted, to give the focus to Messier 105 and the sound waves. I could totally see this as an album cover! Great work! - fencergirl00

Sailor Famine - Contest Entry by MirianRoseArt MirianRoseArt , Sailor Famine:

I am so happy Famine got some love in this competition! While her character can be a mother hen, you brought out the fact that she can kick some butt too! Her expression of determination And dynamic pose is just so great!

Unisamas Contest Entry - Sirens by Jeishii Jeishii , Bellatrix/Teruko:

-Okay, so I'm totally biased here on putting this on my list, as the costume designs here are my own, but freaking love Jeishii's style and how utterly adorable Teruko is and how badass Bell looks here! This seriously looks like it could be a cover for the Siren's album, and it looks like the two of them are having a blast onstage! Also, the shading and lighting effects make the piece very dynamic and just plain fun to look at. Awesome work! (Also, Jeish, y u so good at drawing hands?!? I'm so jealous!!!!) - fencergirl00

This picture just blew my mind! It looks just like a poster and looks great as a wallpaper on my cellphone ( ;) ) I love the expressions you gave both characters (You can tell even without a description that Bell is the loud A-hole, while the cute Teruko is the shy song bird) and plus… You gave Bell her cigarette! Bell loves you forever now!

Sailor Conquest by xiongess xiongess , Sailor Conquest:

I like the strong pose you put her in; it really fits into her strong character type and who she is. The coloring is also very gorgeous and looks very shiny (which is how I like Conquest to be colored xD )

And now the moment ya'll been waiting for:

3rd place:
Unisamas' Bellatrix/Sailor War by a-neverending
-3 month membership (given in the form of 636 :points:
-Headshot by :iconnickyflamingo:
-Bust by :iconlborstproductions:
-Waist Up sketch by :iconrhuni:

2nd place: 
[Contest] So Spricht Das Leben by WanderingKotka
-6 month membership (given in the form of 1272 :points: )
--Headshot by :iconnickyflamingo:
-Bust by :iconlborstproductions:
-Bust by :iconrhuni:

1st place: 
waves and bubbles. by purenai
-An HP 7 Tablet (…
-12 month membership (Given in the form of 2396 :points: )
-Headshot by :iconnickyflamingo:
-Chibi by :iconlborstproductions:
-Chibi by :iconrhuni:
-Doll by :iconsailordarkness:

:new:Honorary mentions! :new:
Battle at Twilight by Bliood-KiraMarinero Conquest by VirginiaPKSailor War by RandomMutiny
Why don't you take a break from reading? by nickyflamingoUnisamas Contest Entry - Sirens by Jeishii
Honorary mentions will be awarded an additional 200 :points: !!!

From the deepest, squishiest part of my heart; THANK YOU everyone so much for making this contest fun to have! You're amazing!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

SM Generations for Shuu by SailorDarknessAlgieba masquerade chibi by BishiLover16Cruithne Ascended by snow-princessLet the Sailor Sun Collab begin! by nickyflamingoFreya Frost Bite by HatterRoseG: Lovin' Lil Lel by FreckledsleeperNCG 3379 for Unisamas by MistressLegatoUnisamas Contest Entry - Sirens by Jeishii+ Charming Four + by MroczniaK[SS] Sailor Messier 105, Pg.3 by WanderingKotka
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PurpleRedRose Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :iconunisamas: for the contest and the mention! :heart: Congratulations to the winners! :la:
VirginiaPK Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
Thanks for the mention !! Congrats to the winners!!!!!!!!
a-neverending Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very, very, very much! Seeing all the fabulous and creative entries I couldn't really imagine to have to pick one of them, so I'm very humbled that I got the third place. And that comment to the piece you typed there made me very giddy and happy, thank you for that! Also, thank you for lending all of us your amazing characters.
Congrats to everyone who participated and to the winning entries :)
RandomMutiny Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist
Omg Thanks for the honorary mention :la: Congrats to the winners :D
Khatharsis Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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SailorDarkness Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, the entries were all so amazing!  I can only imagine how hard it was to choose!  :love: 
WanderingKotka Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
Whoa!  I . . . ? Wait, what?  OMG!  I'm honored that me and my crazy love of stained glass pulled off second place amid this amazing outpouring of beautiful pieces that you received!  Thank you!

My congrats to everyone and my thanks to Uni for running this contest--I had so much fun playing with Sailor Death.  
MistressLegato Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Well the results definitely weren't what I was expecting, but congrats everyone! And thanks for all the eye candy!
Bliood-Kira Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
YEY! :la: Thank you for the honorable mentions :hug:

And congrats for the 3 winners :squee: 
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